The strength of our presenters lies in the fact that they are all industry professionals, working every day in their area of expertise.  They are not merely professional educators covering a specific topic they may not be completely familiar with.  However each of them have excellent presentation skills that allow them to relate well to audiences, backed by a huge wealth of real world knowledge.

Through our strong networks, we have access to a wide variety of highly knowledgeable, professional workshop presenters across both sporting and community non-profit specialties.  All our presenters have existing experience in delivering information and education to community volunteer audiences at all levels and are able to ensure the workshop experience is a valuable one to delegates.  Many are able to present across different specialty areas allowing a choice of at least two presenters for each of the workshop.  For the more general topics included in the workshop series, the presenters can apply a dual focus on both the Sport & Recreational aspects of the topic (Eg Event Management) and also the wider community focus which would include information and examples for philanthropic, farming or common interest groups, to allow for a wider audience.

Many of the speakers are able to present more than one topic, allowing great flexibility in available dates and a new perspective on existing workshops. Each of the presenters have access to extensive networks, both within the Sports & Recreation field and outside of it, which allow them to offer a rich source of advice, support & information to delegates, both during the workshop and in follow up enquiries.  As an additional service all presenters have agreed to respond to emailed delegate queries following the workshops and many can offer specialist consultancy services should delegates wish to do more in depth work with them following the event.

The index guides over the page will help you to see the range of workshops we are able to offer your region by presenter or workshop topic, including many workshops focussing on new areas of the topic.

Click here to download information about the range of workshops we can provide or email us for more information!


Leisa, the guest speaker, was absolutely fantastic – very comical and had great ideas and solutions to committee problems, would be great to have her back sometime!"

"There's hardly any information or help when you start on a committee and then when you do go to training you feel even more stupid for not understanding.  Leisa made me laugh, gave me information I really needed without making me feel inadequate and helped me get the confidence I need to do a better job"

“Great workshop   thanks, Leisa was excellent, she gave us highly topical and useful   information, while being enthusiastic and approachable.”

“It was   fabulous, heaps of excellent advice that was applicable to our club. All of   our questions were answered, very approachable and helpful facilitator.   Marvellous”

“I was at the   workshop last night … thank you for a wonderful evening full of valuable   information that I will slowly introduce to our club.”

"Leisa   is a cross between the Vicar of Dibley and the Smiling Assassin" (that’s   a compliment!)  She is inspirational!!

“If you could   put her brain in a bottle, I would order 100”

"Thank God ,  I thought it would be really   boring but I rate Leisa as an excellent presenter, she really knows what   she’s talking about and made it easy for me to understand!”

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