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For not for profits in Queensland the Office of Fair Trading Queensland has updated their website recently to make it much easier to find information about being on a committee.

The last changes to the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 were effective Friday 15 June 2007. One of the major changes relates to public liability insurance. Public liability insurance protects you and your association if a person sustains personal injury or damage to their property from any incident occurring on the association's property or as a result of the actions of the association. To understand the requirements an association must follow for public liability insurance, download the Public liability insurance for associations fact sheet off their website.

Until the new ACNC changes come into effect, the Association’s Incorporation Act 1981 (Queensland) and Association’s Incoporation Regulations 99 (Queensland) are the best guide if you are an incorporated club.  OFT also has some terrific guides for your committee.

Changing your constitution

If you are thinking about changing your constitution, check out the new Model Rules and remember to go through the process outlined in your current constitution to change it.

Children Related Activities

If you have any activities that relate to children, somone on the committee needs to be fully aware of the requirements of the Children & Young People & Child Guardian Act

Non Profits

For non profits who employ staff and use volunteers, there's been some major changes in Workplace Health & Safety Act 1995

Personal Assets

If you are concerned about any risk to your prersonal assets through your volunteering, there's some reassurance and great protections in the Civil Liability Act 2003 although there are some exclusions to be aware of.

Bar, canteen, resteraunt or gaming at your club?

Does your club have a club a bar, canteen, restaurant or gaming?  If so you will need to know about the Liquor Act 1992, the Food Act 2006 and the Gaming Machine Act 1991

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