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ACNC.jpg There are big changes coming up for the non profit world in Australia, through the formation of the new Australian Charities & Non Profit Commission. You can find out what's happening with the development of the new legislation and the commission itself by clicking here. Why not subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date with the changes?


In the mean time, even if you're organisation is incorporated in another state, you still have some obligations under the Corporations Act 2001, at ComLaw and Corporations Regulations 2001, at ComLaw around your company directorships.


For non profits in Queensland you can find out more about the relevant state legislation by clicking here!

Pro Bono

If you're interested in finding out more about the non profit world in Australia, Pro Bono have a fantastic fact sheet and another great newsletter to subscribe to.

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Our website is all about offering some help and support to the fantastic volunteers working hard for the benefit of their community.  There's no subscription or fee, everything is available for you to download and you can always email Leisa Donlan for help!

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