Thanks for checking out our website.  If you are a volunteer involved in a community or sporting organisation you may feel like there's nowhere to go for help....

On the site you can find information about the workshops & presenters we can offer as part of your training and education program.

You can find copies of the presentations to download or print if you have recently been to a workshop.

If you aren't sure what laws apply to your club, you can check out the legislation page.

When you need a bit of an idea about what a document should look like, or you just want to see what other clubs are doing you can find templates to download to your computer and use for your club free of charge!

If there's anything you need but can't find, don't hesitate to contact us via our contact page. We can usually find the right place for you to go for more information!


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Our website is all about offering some help and support to the fantastic volunteers working hard for the benefit of their community.  There's no subscription or fee, everything is available for you to download and you can always email Leisa Donlan for help!

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